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HUMIDITY CONTROL--- Beat the Heat!

Comfort by Design installs whole-house dehumidifier systems. Our company also works with commercial and small business customers. We use Honeywell Humidity Controllers. But, we will repair and install other residential and commercial humidity control systems. Our systems are designed to easily integrate with a home or commercial HVAC system. The dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the air eliminating annoying humidity issues.


Maintaining the proper humidity levels in a home is vital to one’s health and comfort. That’s why letting your HVAC providers install a dehumidifier is key. These systems help to balance the humidity levels with your spaces by passing inside air through coils that remove excess moisture. The result is cleaner air that is better for your health and home. By ridding your airflow of moisture, you prevent the risk of mold, bacteria, and other harmful agents from developing.


Licensed and insured, Comfort by Design Air Conditioning & Heating brings clients over 25 years of hard-earned experience. Rated highly on Angie's List and The Better Business Bureau, we've developed an esteemed reputation as being on of the best HVAC service providers for the Vancleave, MS area!

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